On Scientism: The Shortcomings of Science

In this video, I will try to make my case against some of the modern trends that, in the name of science, oppose traditional views on beauty, art, and even religion and human behaviour. We’ll talk about how they have evolved since the Enlightenment and are making some questionable claims in the name of science. We call it scientism.
Fan Backlash

Fans vs Creators: The Problem of Fan Backlash

Are we becoming too protective of works of art that we love and have followed for years? Recently, fans have become more vocal in their disagreements with creators when a movie franchise, a tv-show or a video game, goes in a direction they don't approve of.

On Objective Beauty

What started as a disagreement between me and friends about the radio station we should listen to, quickly escalated into a big discussion on whether beauty and the arts are subjective or objective matters.

Video Games and The Minority Rule

If a small minority stands firm behind an idea, they can force the majority to conform to their will. Today, we will explore the minority rule and how it can be seen in, understood through, and affect video-games

Zero to One: The Video Game – By Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel the Co-founder of Paypal and the giant in the Tech industry has some great ideas that could benefit the gaming world, in this video, we would like to explore with you some of the ideas in his book Zero to One

Video Games Can Save Classical Music – Roger Scruton

Am I exaggerating when I say music is going through a critical moment in history and to my surprise Video Games can play a small but important role in reminding us of our beautiful musical heritage?

Video Games: The Problem of Monoculture – Part 2

This is the second part of our videos about Monoculture in the gaming community and journalists in particular.

Video Games: The Problem of Monoculture

Our gaming debates and discussions would benefit a lot if we focused less on games and gaming and focused more on non-gaming knowledge.

The Art, Beauty, and Joy of Video-Games

We would like to thank the Spectator Magazine for granting us permission to create a video version of the very beautiful essay "The art, beauty, and joy of video games" by Sam Leith.

Video-Games Vs. IQ Tests

When people think of intelligence and defining it, usually IQ tests and IQ scores are the first things they talk about. In this video I'll try to make two arguments: First, IQ is a flawed model to measure intelligence and second: video games can provide a wider spectrum to measure and test intelligence