Zero to One: The Video Game – By Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel the Co-founder of Paypal and the giant in the Tech industry has some great ideas that could benefit the gaming world, in this video, we would like to explore with you some of the ideas in his book Zero to One

Video Games Can Save Classical Music – Roger Scruton

Am I exaggerating when I say music is going through a critical moment in history and to my surprise Video Games can play a small but important role in reminding us of our beautiful musical heritage?

What Makes a Game Developer Antifragile?

In this video, we will explore the concept of antifragility and how it applies to the video games industry and more importantly how it can help in shaping the future of video games. But first, what is Antifragility?

The Art of Game Balance – Nietzsche

Chaos and order are two essential components in every game and any developer who leans toward one more than the other is risking their game becoming very monotonous and boring.

What Makes a Video-Game Sublime?

In this video, I'll explain what the ideas of the great philosopher Immanuel Kant can bring to video games to enrich them, especially his ideas on the sublime.

A Video-Game by Plato

What if the video games industry one-day reach a high fidelity level in graphics that makes it indistinguishable from reality? Would that mean a plateau for the medium?